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03 January 2013 @ 09:44 pm
i've been thinking if i should make a progression post or not because i was feeling too lazy i wasn't sure that anything about my icons has changed that much but since rocketgirl2 kindly shared the codes, i decided to do it c:

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I thought that I should post all the icons I have now so that I could start the new year ~anew so consider this an end-of-the-year dump :D
Happy New Year everyone!

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17 December 2012 @ 01:14 am
wow i'm actually so embarassed, i saw that the ATM-4 is going to come up soon and then i remembered that it's already been like 6 months :c the procrastinator in me will never die apparently. anyhow, i've decided to write all the tuts that have been requested because i promised so yeah. i hope you'll still find them at least a tiny bit useful :3

tutorial #4
(joan; madmen)
requested by zhaoxun and lalonde
well, marilyn's really a joan, not the other way aroundCollapse )

tutorial #5
(hermione; harry potter)
requested by lalonde
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