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atm vol.3: tutorials #4-5

wow i'm actually so embarassed, i saw that the ATM-4 is going to come up soon and then i remembered that it's already been like 6 months :c the procrastinator in me will never die apparently. anyhow, i've decided to write all the tuts that have been requested because i promised so yeah. i hope you'll still find them at least a tiny bit useful :3

tutorial #4
(joan; madmen)
requested by zhaoxun and lalonde

01 I start with this image. I decided to focus on Joan so I cropped it respectively :3 I never really care if I got out the image with crops, I just go for a better composition and then deal with the black empty spaces later.
02 Later comes now! On the right side, I used the Spot Healing Brush Tool to draw that beige stripe (a door?), I usually use a brush around 16px and it just does all the work. If the ~door line isn't smooth, I just go back through history and do it again and again until I like it. After that, I took the usual brush (#3f4b62, normal) and painted over the background on the left.
03 Gradient Fill: Black, White (the standard palette), linear, angle 135, scale 100%, set on Soft light, 100%. Color Fill: #eab9c6, set on Soft light, 27%, I also masked some parts on the left, like this.
04 Curves: output 201 input 180, output 161 input 135, output 96 input 86. Brightness/contrast: b +43 c -41. (both set on Normal 100%)
05 Vibrance: vibrance +91. (set on Normal 100%) Yes, I have no shame, I use Vibrance all the time :x
also, all the layers up to this moment.
06 Yay, the fun part! Now the textures and my favorite color blobs come in!
First, I masked out a slightly grunge texture like this and set it on Screen, 100%. I for the life of me can't remember what the exact textures was but any with white spots (tiny and not too much) should work.
07 Then I painted a bit to bring out the colors and add some shadows. This for bluer background, this for redder hair and this for shadowing. All on Soft light, 100%
08 This, texture by deny1984 set on Screen, 30% (I lifted it up a bit, like 10px). This texture by deny1984, the right part erased, set on Screen, 30%.
09 Again, a bit of painting to add colors and I ended up with this set on Soft Light, 100%. This texture by 12feethigh, , set on Soft Light, 35%.
10 Vibrance: vibrance +50. Brightness/contrast: b +45 c -10. (both set on Normal 100%). Finally I stamp the visible layers, Filter -> Sharpen and set it on 20% opacity. This is the full layer palette. Voila!


tutorial #5
(hermione; harry potter)
requested by lalonde

01 I've never seen anything easier, I tell you. This is the original image. I crop it so that I have some negative space above.
02 My most ~usual base preparation: I duplicate the image twice and set the first duplicate to Screen (56%) and the second to Soft Light (100%). Then I paint with a black brush to hide all the unnecessary stuff in the background (Normal, 100%)
03 wow, what a change! MAGIC! No, not really. Just this texture by ??? (please, tell me if you know the maker! I'm actually embarassed I don't remember and don't write down things like this :() set it on Screen, 100%. Brightness/contrast: b +21 c 0.
04 I wanted to created a ~haunted atmosphere, like Hermione is disappearing so I Stamp visible layers, Filter->Blur->Motion Blur (distance 5px). Then I masked the blurriness on Hermione's face.
05 To add a bit more light, I again stamp visible. Then I do a trick I've learned from some tut a while ago (by erzsebet I believe): Filter->Distort->Diffuse Glow(graininess 2, glow amount 7, clear amount 13), Filter->Artistic->Paint Daubs (brush size 3, sharpness 2), Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur 3,5px and set this magic layer on Soft light, 30%. Brightness/contrast: b +10 c 0.</b> And done! This is the full layer palette

enjoy & feel free to ask any questions!


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