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2012 in icons

i've been thinking if i should make a progression post or not because i was feeling too lazy i wasn't sure that anything about my icons has changed that much but since rocketgirl2 kindly shared the codes, i decided to do it c:

(1) i started 2012 with a fantasy battle for iconbattling and some other random icons
(2)&(3) i remember that in february i was struggling with graphics trying to make anything decent. i did round 15 @ 20inspirations and made a post with requests and misc. there are very few icons that i actually like. sigh

(4) some more request icons and even though i never watch glee anymore i made icons for 10in20 @ eliteglee which turned out pretty good c:

(5) didn't icon much this month. made an amy pond set for round17 - down the rabbit hole @ 20inspirations which was reeeeally fun

(6) probably my favorite month iconing wise. so many icons i'm stil veeeery proud of. if i say that i like pretty much every icon in this post, what does it say about me?:x

(7)&(8)&(9) wow, considering that i was sitting exams and graduating high school in june, this was a really productive month :D i did an abc game of thrones battle with bobby 12feethigh which was very inspiring and fun and i also participated in 20in20 @ hpotterelite

(10)&(11) round7 - jess and sam's retro roadtrip adventure @ turbo_rumble and i made some animation icons (yay!) and a captain america set for avengers20in20

(12)&(13) basically this whole month is like yay battles! i took part in three :3 theiconquest opened and instead of completing quests, i jumped into iq_coliseum oops. i mean i'm still to complete a single quest, this is a shame

(14) quite proud if this month's icons actually. 2 more battles @ iq_coliseum, did i mention i love battles? and the7days opened, yay!

none for october whoops :c idk what i was doing, probably being too lazy & doing nothing for uni

(15) a nice month overall, i went for quality over quantity, it was good :D
(16) there was a 2-month gap between the posts, i got really lazy by the end of the year whish is saaaad:( i mean i was sitting exams in Dec but really i was just whining about how much i needed to do and did nothing anyway. i had better made icons lol.

best icon of '12 (voting @ bestof_icons)

runner ups:
goodbye, 2012!
total: 16 posts, 625 icons!
looking at this post i'm glad i decided to do this after all. i think i've improved quite a lot by the middle of the year (may♥), that's nice. but then i don't know how i feel about my latest icons (from december), not my best imo but that's what the new year is for, for a new start, right?:)
as for icon resolution i really really r e a l l y need to start making icons for theiconquest, no excuses! i also hope to icon stock and disney more, because that's where i started as an iconmaker and i'm starting to miss it:)
aaand this is it. i'm excited to start 2013! can't wait to see what it brings :)
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