ginger vic (fulminant) wrote in psychedelic_flu,
ginger vic


I just remembered that my baby psychedelic_flu is
4 years old

today! :') wow it's getting old really fast :D
and 779 watchers! i just WOW!!! thank you guys a lot for watching and all your comments and all♥♥♥

I'm not going to take requests this time as I usually do (sorry!) because I'm sitting exams right now and after that I have lots of battles going on 0:)
however, worry not! feel free to make
a birthday spam
out of this post and spam me with any pretty caps you want! there's a veeeery good chance that I'll put them to use when I have more free time on my hands which will be very soon :)

have a good day, take care, love you all!
Tags: !!mod's, !spam me

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