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the lone neon lights and the heat of the ocean and the fire that was starting to spark

I didn't have enough time to post icons this year yet so here goes the 1st post :)
suddenly I found myself taking part in so many battles (7! wow!) so the next few iconposts will probably be just battle icons :D here are the first 2 battles, 5 more are coming soon :3
also, I have been accepted to magicmachine! i'm still very excited! we're planning lots of activities and other fun stuff so be sure to watch/join so that you don't miss anything! :)
p.s. if you feel like spamming me with some caps, feel free to leave them over here:3 thanks!♥

Harry Potter battle;
you can find elleaf's and nupmetal's gorgeous icons in the battle post @ iq_coliseum


British technical battle;
have a look at marcasite's, julie_izumi's, setentpet's, oswin's, likealight's and kasiopeia's stunning icons in the battle post @ squaredmc!

sherlock, merlin, jane eyre, true love
the hour, luther, doctor who, skins

chris evans, bradley james, arthur darvill
matt bomer, rupert grint, richard madden, ian somerhalder

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+ my stuff @ my tumblr

↕ please, credit.
don't claim as your own!
comments are ♥
↕ feel free to WATCH this community for future updates.
Tags: !battle, art: icons, movie: harry potter, movie: jane eyre, people: arthur darvill, people: bradley james, people: chris evans, people: ian somerhalder, people: matt bomer, people: richard madden, people: rupert grint, tv: doctor who, tv: luther, tv: merlin, tv: sherlock, tv: skins, tv: true love

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