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ginger vic

where the light shivers offshore through the tides of oceans we are shining in the rising sun

i thought i need to post icons i've made lately before i go on summer vacation and then i realized i haven't posted icons since february :o shame on me. i actually have quite a lot of unposted stuff (both quite old icons pls don't judge and recently made aka teen wolf 0:)) so i'll probably make a couple of posts in the next few days (and i'm also working on a moodtheme) so sorry for spamming your friends page in advance :P

teen wolf

au one direction: harry as eros, louis as hermes, liam as apollo, niall as tyche, zayn as aphrodite
thom yorke, mew, the killers, florence+the machine
hurts, bloc party, kasabian


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Tags: art: icons, disney: alice in wonderland, disney: beauty and the beast, disney: cinderella, disney: hercules, disney: pocahontas, disney: the lion king, disney: the little mermaid, disney: the sleeping beauty, music: bloc party, music: florence+the machine, music: hurts, music: kasabian, music: mew, music: one direction, music: radiohead, music: the killers, tv: merlin, tv: teen wolf

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